The Anguilla Foundation

An Anguilla Foundation is established under the Anguilla Foundation Act. Every foundation shall be governed by the provisions of this Act as well as the declaration of establishment of that foundation and its by-laws.

Declaration of Establishment

The Declaration of Establishment is the official document required to formally register a Foundation and this document must contain the following particulars:

  • The name of the foundation
  • The initial property endowment (accompanied by a certified confirmation from the registered agent)
  • The name and addresses of the founder or founders
  • The full names and addresses of the foundation council members
  • The name and address of the registered agent
  • The name and address of the secretary if any is appointed
  • The name and the address of the guardian if any is appointed
  • The purpose of the foundation
  • Provisions if any for the designation of beneficiaries
  • The names and addresses of any designated beneficiaries
  • provisions, if any, for the exercise of powers otherwise than by the Foundation Council
  • The method of appointing and changing Foundation Council members
  • Provisions concerning the making of by-laws and their amendment
  • Provisions concerning any power to amend the declaration of establishment of the foundation
  • Provisions concerning the application of the foundation’s property endowment in the event of the dissolution of the foundation
  • Provisions concerning the term of the foundation and whether such term shall be for a definite or indefinite period of time.

Anguilla Foundations may be formed by one or more natural or legal persons, with an initial property endowment of at least US$10,000, shall be placed under the control of the intended registered agent of the foundation.